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Our Voice Recorder activates when it hears a conversation. With its sound sensitivity control, it becomes a voice activated recorder. Voice activation helps you record your conversations when they take place, and when there is silence, the Voice Recorder halts recording.

Benefits: Using a voice activated recorder helps you reduce extraneous wasted time when no one is speaking. Now capture and store every word essential to your voice recordings.

Users: Originally designed for use by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies, this portable voice recorder is now used by anyone who needs to save their important conversations. In addition to recording room conversations, it is also a digital phone recorder as it can connect to single and multi-line phones and save both sides of a conversation for future listening. In that respect, the system operates as a dictation recorder, letting you listen to recorded phone calls and transcribe what was said.

Sensitivity VOR - Voice Activation
The Voice Recorder is able to be adjusted so that it only starts recording when someone speaks. The adjustment we refer to is a tuning feature that lets you decide how loud and how quiet your speech should activate the system. This helps you when you when going to different places so you can adjust your recording sensitivity accordingly.

Interruption Safeguard
When you are recording a conversation, the last thing you want is to hear another conversation coming out of the recorder while you are in the middle of recording. Should you wish to wear your Voice Recorder by putting it in your pocket, you can begin recording and hit the Hold Feature. This prevents the Play button from accidentally going off in the event that you press it or brush up against it.

Pre-set Recording Timer
Say you know that a conversation will take place in a room at 12 Noon on Wednesday. You can set your Voice Recorder to start recording at the date and time of your choice so that you do not miss a word said. This Timer Recording feature is very important for those who must record conversations without possibility of missing them.

Memory Size - Recording Time
Because there are multiple voice quality settings, it stands to reason that the faster the recording speed, the higher the quality of the voice recording. The slower the recording speed, the lesser the quality. But at approximately 65 hours of internal recording storage space (1 GB) or using a 2 GB micro SD Card of memory to add on 130 more hours is more than enough to store your personal and business conversations.

Phone Recorder
Our system doubles as a phone recorder to connect to single line and multi line phones. This gives you the ability to record and save your phone conversations at home or at work.

Sound Quality
The Super Sound Recording setting offers users a high sound quality that is nearly CD quality, and as a result, users of our voice recorder are able to make crisp and clear sound recordings with practice

Software - PC & Mac compatible
The included software lets you play back audio recordings on your computer through your computer's media player (PC or Mac compatible). Recorded discussions are be saved to your computer by a USB connection that is compatible with PC Windows and Mac operating systems.  

Time Stamper
In order to keep track of your voice recordings, use the Time / Date Stamper to mark your conversation data. The portable voice recorder also keeps track of the length of the conversation and can display this for you to see.

File Searching
Need to look for important conversations you recorded last week? Last year? Find them fast with the file searching feature that comes with our Voice Recorder. This will save you time.

Emailing Conversations
Once you save a conversation onto your computer, you can attach and email it just like you would send any type of file to yourself or someone you wish to hear your recorded conversation. Formats include MP3, WMA, and WAV.

You can play your digital voice logger conversations and hear them from the recorder itself or using a media player on your computer, PC or Mac compatible.  


The Audio Recorder:

  • Boasts an FM Stereo tuner to hear and save RM radio broadcasts
  • Lets you download and hear MP3 tunes from your computer
  • Upgradable Firmware: uses the USB connection to add future features when available
  • Has a dot matrix display that scrolls with emerald blue backlighting making it easy to read
  • Has helpful menu controlled settings
  • Pause feature - gives you a 5 minute pause without making a new file number to keep your conversations together (and not in a new file)
  • Speed Playback - lets you listen to recordings quickly without distorting the audio sound bytes so you can hear playback quicker without losing sound clarity
  • Built-in sound equalizer with bass and treble adjustment for custom clarity

Additional Voice Recorder Specifications

  • Comes with a built in voice microphone
  • Comes with an external microphone for discreet recording such as body worn applications
  • Voice Activation to pause recording during silence
  • USB 2.0 connection to your PC or Mac computer
  • Line-In patch cord so you can connect to a radio (VHF / UHF communication device or music radio)
  • AC Adaptor as a continual power source
  • 2 AAA Batteries give you approximately 17 hours of operation time
  • Audio Recorder in cool black
  • Microphone Sensitivity Controller to increase and decrease recording sound levels
  • Voice Recordings made possible in SP, LP, and SLP modes (for extended recording times)
  • Cellular Recording Ear Microphone
  • File playback in MP3, WMA, and WAV formats
  • Built-in Clock including an Alarm
  • Compatible with Windows, Vista, and MAC

Included with your Audio Recorder are:

  1. Standard Telephone Recording Adapter - single line and multi line phone equipment
  2. Tie Clip Microphone and Line in Cable Patch-cord
  3. Instruction Manual
  4. Stereo Earphones and Neck - hand Strap
  5. Stereo MicrophoneIf you are looking to capture live stereo sound, our Interview Microphone will give you Stereo sound quality, for journalists, office users, and law enforcement who require additional Sterophonic sound.
QUESTION: If I wish to record a conversation with a voice recorder, could I capture everyone’s words if my voice recorder is in my pocket?
ANSWER: In order to gather the full conversation, you need to be able to utilize an external microphone or a wired microphone that extends beyond the pocket. Also, it helps if you can increase and decrease the sensitivity of the recording level.

QUESTION: If I want to buy a voice recorder but don’t need a voice activated recorder, I was wondering if there are any models that do not offer voice activation so I can record continuously.
ANSWER: Many voice recorder settings on our recorders have voice activation but you do not have to engage the voice activation feature.
Except for analog recorders, the voice recorder series generally come with voice activation. But, for those who do not wish to handle that feature, simply use only manual settings for turning on and off the voice recorder.

QUESTION: In an effort to compare our current telephone voice recorder with newer models, should we be searching for one with a dictation feature if we are considering conducting transcriptions of voice recordings?
ANSWER: The benefit of looking at a voice recorder that is capable of handling transcriptions is that most voice recorders will operate as a transcription recorder or as a stand-alone voice recorder. That means that, if you have additional equipment or accessories for you recorder such as a foot pedal or transcription software, then you can opt to use them.

QUESTION: Comparing our current portable voice recorder with a digital phone recorder, should we assume that the phone recorder is also portable?
ANSWER: If you’re dealing with a phone recorder that can work with portable phones, such as cordless phones or cellular phones, then it is safe to assume that you can take it from room to room and operate on battery power. However, if you are dealing with a voice recorder that has to be connected to a phone line as oppose to a portable phone, you will definitely be tethered to a hard line by the phone equipment.
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