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Voice Logger

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The Voice Logger is a desktop voice logging system. Primary Uses: Phone recording and call recording. Basically, Voice Loggers record phone calls. Yet this digital Voice Logger does so much more.

Available in 4, 8, 12, & 16 channel configurations, the Voice Logger serves voice logging and Phone recording needs with many impressive features demanded by people. When an organization looks into choosing a digital Voice Logger, searching can be difficult. The characteristics of most digital Voice Loggers found online are generally listed, yet very rarely are they translated into simiple attributes that people can easily understand in order to make a decision.

The Voice Logger has many features, yet unlike other systems, we will actually explain what our system does, and the benefits.

This professional voice logging system is designed for recording and archiving of communications. Whether recording phone calls or radio communications, the administrator (you) can conduct live monitoring while recording conversations. This technology meets the needs of small business users to high level organizations with voice logging capabilities that record phone calls and conversations on all types phone systems.

For call recording, the Voice Logger may be kept away in a secure room, either on a desktop or in a storage cabinet with computer servers and other communication hardware. Yet the desktop Voice Logger helps organize and consolidate all equipment in one location by operating as a voice logging recorder and management interface.


Desktop Configuration

Most of our clients like the operation of the desktop Voice Logger as it can handle phone and radio conversation recording. Although some prefer Voice Loggers that are rack mounted, the ease of installation and use is simple for a desktop digital phone recording system of this caliber. Its compact design is one of many preferences our clients prefer when acquiring a logging system of this magnitude.

Unix or PC Phone Recording?

The digital Voice Logger is accessible through a Graphic User Interface. The user can be PC or Unix based, as the GUI will work on both systems. The user gets the smooth and efficient voice recording operation with speedy and reliable capabilities for phone recording. This Unix architecture literally surpasses PC based phone logging systems, yet gives PC users the same experience as a Unix user would have.

Network Feature

The Voice Logger will work on a local area network or LAN such as a computer network reaching over a small area of an office, home, school, or group of buildings. The system can also work over a wide area network or WAN that extends beyond the borders of a city, such as a regional or national border. In addition, the Voice Logger will also operate on a secure network such as a virtual private network or VPN, giving the administrator and users the ability to set up private and secure access over a given range of area(s).

This is helpful when the manager needs to control the Voice Logger without physically being at the location of the system. The manager can access recordings, change settings, conduct live monitoring, and other governing functions by indirect connection to the logging system. Because the Voice Logger is able to work as a PC Client, it runs client software that offers remote control over its complete functions to the operator.

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