USB Phone Recorder

USB Phone Recorder

USB Phone Recorder

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The USB Phone Recorder is used to record conversations from a phone and save them on your PC desktop or laptop computer. When looking for a phone recorder that lets you record directly to your computer, you want to be able to record conversations without a complicated phone call recording device. You want a phone conversation recorder that lets you focus on your call, not the recorder.

This USB Phone Recorder comes with software that lets you playback your phone calls interactively thanks to its Graphic User Interface in the form of a media player. Similar to Windows Media Player, a window opens up and lets you click on buttons such as play, pause, rewind, or forward, moving or halting your conversation so you can focus on important details. You can see the duration of the call, number counter features, and other pertinent information that becomes helpful when using the USB Phone Recorder to review phone call recordings.

Multi-Line Digital Phone Recorder

Because more phone calls take place in the office then at home, there is a greater demand for a digital phone recorder that can record on digital telephone equipment. Well this USB Phone Recorder can work on a digital phone system, as it connects to the physical handset of your office phone, between the phone handset and the phone's base unit. If you can disconnect the wire between your phone and your phone's base, then you can connect the USB Phone Recorder interface and record your calls on a digital phone system.

Interactive Phone Line Recorder

The main reason our clients like to use this recorder is because of its graphic and visual indicators that one finds in a professional voice logger. The interactive graphic controls let you feel like you are in a recording studio, yet using the functions are simple to do.

External Microphone

Not only is the USB Phone Recorder a digital voice logger that can record phone conversations. By connecting a microphone, it can also be used as a room recorder to capture and save conversations, meetings, and interviews. Now one or multiple speakers talking in a room can have their words saved on digital memory in the hard drive of a computer.

Email Capable
Once your conversations are saved by the USB Phone Recorder on a folder, you can attach those files and email them to yourself or anyone. Most telephone recording devices save files as .WAV files, as in the case of our USB Phone Recorder, so the format can be played back even by recipients who do not have the USB Phone Recording software. They simply listen to the conversation in Windows Media Player or if they have a Mac, then they can use standard available Mac programs.

Playback over the phone
If you are on a phone call, and wish to play a telephone call recording so that you and the other person can listen, the USB Phone Recorder is perfect for this application. It lets you play back a conversation through the telephone recording device and into the connected phone line so that you and your party can hear the recording as if you were part of that previous conversation.

File Naming
Our USB Phone Recorder lets you save recorded calls by naming them as you see fit. You can either manually name the recorded conversation file, or you can automatically have your recordings saved with the date as a name or a file with a prefix to help you identify call recordings.

File Compression
The USB Phone Recorder is able to retain clear audio quality by saving conversations as .WAV files. This gives you a better sound quality when replaying the conversation, even if you are listening to a copy the file or a downloaded file received by email.


You can play recorded phone calls using the included software player or through Windows Media Player.

Power Requirements
No batteries or power other than a USB connection is needed. Your PC computer powers the USB Phone Recorder.

No Sound Card Required
The USB Phone Recorder has its own acoustic processor in a self contained module. Therefore, you do not have to concern yourself with purchasing a sound card, as it is built into the our phone recording system.

External Microphone
The system is equipped with an external microphone that you can connect for Room Recording applications.

Filing Feature
The method for archiving voice recordings enables you to save all of your conversations as files in the windows environment of folders. You can put recorded files on your desktop, in your My Documents folder, or create a folder just for specific recording storage. Files may also be stored on a Network Server in your office, or in your home (should you have a network server at home).

Easy to Connect
Its called USB Phone Recorder because our system connects to your computer using a very simple USB connector. Traditional computer recording interfaces involved microphone and audio cable connectors that varied from computer to computer. USB is a universal connector, making it easy to work with.

QUESTION: What do you like best about the USB phone recorder?

Answer: I like the USB phone recorder because it lets me start and stop the recording with a simple click of the mouse.  I like the fact that it doesn’t have physical buttons you have to always worry about or control. It just has a media player that lets me click to start and stop recording and I can play back the conversations from my recorder on my computer and I can even save my conversations and email them.

QUESTION: What if I have other telephone recorder equipment connected to the same line as my USB phone recorder?

Answer: You can have an answering machine or other phone recorders but it would not matter because the signal is still taken from your phone conversation and recorded without any loss in sound quality.

QUESTION: Can the USB phone recorder work as a phone line recorder if my computer is in standby mode?

Answer: In order for the USB phone recorder to operate, you need to have your computer operating while in operating mode.

QUESTION: Is there a limit to how many telephone recording devices I can use on my phone line?

Answer: With the USB phone recorder, you should be able to have multiple telephone recording devices as long as they are connected properly.

QUESTION: If I connect a telephone recording devise to my PBX office phone, will I still be able to record phone conversations on all lines?

Answer: You will be able to record each phone line that you are having a conversation on through your phone handset so if you are involved on one phone call and you put them on hold to answer another call, that other call will be recorded because it does not matter what phone line you are on- you are recording directly from the telephone handset. 
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