Transcription Recorder

Transcription Recorder

Transcription Recorder

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The Transcription Recorder saves phone interviews or conversations. When reviewing audio recordings, you control the playback speed giving you time to write or type at your own transcription speed. With a 3 Key Transcription Foot Pedal, the Transcription Recorder lets you play, pause, forward, and rewind a recorded phone conversation or room conversation at your transcription speed.

Our Transcription Recorder easily connects to a PC or Laptop computer through its USB Recorder interface. This lets you store voice recordings on your computer's hard drive as .WAV files, giving you an enormous amount of storage.

In addition to its digital transcription recorder function to record conversations, the system is also a digital voice recorder. Thanks to its external microphone, the system can transform into a digital audio recorder that can be used to record meetings in a room interviews, and conversations that can later be transcribed.

With a constant power source from the USB connection to your computer, the Transcription Recorder does not require batteries or AC Power.   Audio Voice Recordings can be played back through the connected telephone set.

Transcription Foot Pedal
The Transcription Foot Pedal lets you play your voice recording, pause it, rewind and forward it by a foot pedal that is connected to the voice recording software via USB connection. This leaves your hands free to listen to the voice recording while you transcribe or type it with your keyboard.

Transcribing Player Software
The Transcribing Player Software is a media player that lets anyone listen to recordings from the Transcription Recorder using a media player. That means if you record a conversation using your Transcription Recorder, you can email it to someone, and they do not need to be at the computer that you loaded the software into and that they do not need the actual Transcription Recorder to playback the conversation from.

Conversation Storage
The Transcription Recorder can save recorded phone conversations or room conversations onto the hard drive of your computer, onto a network server (if you have one at your home or office), or even on an external hard drive or flash drive.

USB Recorder Connection
The interface of the Transcription Recorder connects a single line or multi-line phone through a USB input on your computer, letting you record phone calls and save them as compressed .WAV files. This means you can email those recorded phone calls as attachments. This also means you can store those files for future review by archiving them on your PC's hard drive.

Transcription Recorder does not require batteries or any connection to AC or DC mains power, as the system is powered by the USB port on your PC computer.

Room Recorder
The Transcription Recorder becomes a room recorder through the use of a microphone that connects to the system. This Room Recorder application lets you record dictation as well as meetings and interviews clearly and efficiently.

File Naming Feature
A helpful feature of the Transcription Recorder allows you to save a conversation recording on a file that can be titled with a prefix and / or date / time. You can either name it, or it can automatically name the file for you.

Playback over Phone
You can hear recorded conversations over the phone handset (or in some cases, over you speaker phone).

  • Great organizational tool that saves your conversations in folders and directories on your PC just like your Word and Excel files.

The Graphic User Interface is friendly and easy to view, even for novice users and those who are shy to using a high tech Transcription Recorder.

Built in Sound Card
You will not have to upgrade or change your computer's sound card. The Transcription Recorder has its own sound card like application that will enable you to hear the playback without any special connection to your computer's sound card.

  • The Transcription Recorder comes with software that is easy to install on your PC computer or laptop
QUESTION: For recording interviews at work, what is the simplest transcription recorder to use?
Answer: The most effective transcription recorder is our PC Interface and Transcription Recorder. This system is a digital transcription recording application comprised of a digital recorder interface and a foot pedal for medium to large volume transcription.

QUESTION: Does it matter if I use a digital transcription recorder or a microcassette transcriber when reviewing audio recordings?
Answer: While a microcassette transcriber gives you good sound quality, the digital transcription recorder offers equal, if not better, sound quality capture as well as a direct USB connection interface in order to input interviews and recorded notes onto your computer in the most efficient manner.

QUESTION: If my transcription recorder plays a recording from a cassette recorder and I want to edit a recording, will there be an issue with the transcription speed settings?
Answer: Cassette recorders generally record at one or two speeds in an analog format so there may be a decrease or increase in the pitch that you hear when conducting a digital transcription.

QUESTION: Would we be able to buy a transcribing recorder with a foot pedal transcription feature or does most transcription equipment come with a digital voice recorder with some kind of hand-held remote?
Answer: The transcription recorder is designed to work with a foot pedal so your hands remain free to enter conversations into your computer without having to access a hand-held remote feature, such as those found in a transcribing recorder.
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