Telephone Recorder

Telephone Recorder

Telephone Recorder

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The Telephone Recorder is an 8 hour recording system that works on single or multiline phones. When recording telephone calls, it helps to have a voice activated telephone recording system that starts and stops automatically.

This Tele Secretary ™ turns on when you or the other person speaks, recording both sides of the conversation.

Disturbance Free
: The Telephone Recorder uses a compact VOR voice activator, intended to provide automatic recordings of a telephone line. Its’ operation is silent with no clicks or disturbing sounds on the line. Once installed on a single line, the Telephone Recorder will also record all telephone conversations taking place on all other extensions.

Conference Call Recorder
The Telephone Recorder is also a conference call recorder. If you have call conferencing on your analog or digital phone, the Telephone Recorder is able to record a call with multiple parties on the line when properly connected. Supplied connections enable you to tap in on the single line or at the modular handset juncture of a multiline phone.

Not necessarily a special feature, this recording device is an analog Telephone Recorder, which makes it a hard to find, preferred technology that people still rely on. Some people still feel more comfortable recording telephone conversations with a telephone surveillance recorder without the numerous features of a digital system. Some people like a user friendly alternative to digital as represented in an analog telephone recording system.

  • Record nearly 8 hours on a c120 audio cassette tape (supplied);
  • Record in high quality mode for reduced time with clearer sound;
  • Silent recording feature for disturbance free operation;
  • Able to connect to most business telephone handsets, as well as most single line home phone jacks.

Included with your Telephone Recorder are:

  • Basic 120 series microcassette tape;
  • AC adapter;
  • Rechargeable batteries and battery charger;·       
  • Multiline phone adapter (for most modular office phones).
  • Dimensions: 4-3/8” x 3-3/8” x 1-3/8”
Note: To reduce sound distortion and increase recording quality in any analog telephone recorder, please  distance the system from fluorescent lamps, neon lights, television and computer monitors when recording, for they may give off slight EM fields that could affect the sound quality.
QUESTION: Assuming that a telephone recorder is recording telephone calls, how can I copy recorder telephone conversations?
Answer: If you’re using a telephone recorder that is an analog recorder, you can connect it to one of our digital voice recorders using a patch cord and, upon playback of your recorded telephone calls, you will simply record playback information or conversation into a digital format. From there, you can store it on your computer, you can email it to yourself or someone else or you can archive it with date and time information consisting of the time you made the transfer from analog to digital.

QUESTION: Is there a difference between a telephone recorder and a conference call recorder?
Answer: Both a telephone recorder and a conference call recorder record conversation, while a telephone recorder is geared to work on single line phones only, both recorders pretty much do the same thing. However, some conference call recorders are able to work on multi-line phone systems while the telephone recorder remains a single line phone recording system.

QUESTION: By means of installing a telephone recorder, would I be able to capture a speech if the caller is far from the speaker?
Answer: It really depends on background noise and sensitivity of the phone at the other end of the line where the speaker is. The best way to record a speech would probably be using a voice recorder as opposed to a telephone recorder.

QUESTION: In a case where telephone monitoring is necessary, could an IT technician deploy a telephone recording system in an office?
Answer: Usually someone with telecom voice logging experience would be qualified but someone who is well rounded in IT networking could learn after practice.
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