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The phone recorder is a digital recording system that activates and deactivates on a single line telephone. This digital phone recorder is reminiscent of an analog phone recorder based on the fact that its size is somewhat bigger than standard digital phone recorders.

But its primary feature is that it can record and stop recording on a single line phone system based on line activation. For example, when you want to record phone calls on a single phone line you would rely on this call recorder to start recording when you pick up the phone line and stop recording when you hang up the phone line.

Although it works like a voice activated recorder, telephone recording is initiated by line activation, not by voice activation.

  1. Advanced capability to transfer conversations when you record phone calls (as it is primarily a phone recorder, but unlike an analog phone recorder, is capable of recording desk top conversations with its built in microphone).
  2. The phone recorder is able to record over 340 hours of conversation from a telephone recording. This volume of recorded phone conversations can be stored on a standard 2 GB memory card (the system comes with 1 GBSD card). Yet no computer is required in order to hear your recorded conversation, as it also has a built in speaker and a head set connector for private playback.
  3. With caller ID capability, this digital phone recorder can tell you the phone number of your incoming call along with the time, date, what numbers were dialed out and how long the conversation lasted (caller ID service required). This DNR feature, or dial number recorder feature, is very helpful to the home business user.
  4. The phone recorder can also perform telephone recording functions on a digital IP telephone through the handset connection. Please note that a high speed Internet connection is preferred, as in the examples of users who have used this phone recorder to record Skype and other IP phone communications fare much better when using a high speed Internet connection to record the call.
  1. The system is equipped with a quick search and playback control so you can find the conversation you want to review amongst many conversations you have recorded.
  2. The phone recorder is equipped with a security feature in order to prevent any unauthorized access. This leaves your phone conversations secure from non-approved listeners.
  3. The system has an automatic and manual setting so you can use line activation on a single line phone or you can control when it starts and stops at your convenience.
  4. You can make notes and add comments in different recordings in order to assist your searching capabilities.
  5. The phone recorder also allows you to play back the phone call you are currently having while still recording.
  6. Should you have recorded important phone calls, you are able to highlight them and make them stand out in order to mark their higher level of importance.
  7. You can save phone conversations as WAV files or compressed files onto your computer and then email them. This is a one touch conversion process and fairly easy to do.
QUESTION: Does it matter if I use a digital phone recorder or an analog phone recorder to record phone calls?

Answer: Using a digital phone recorder gives you the advantage of being able to connect and load or store your conversations onto a computer. From that point, you can email your conversations or just save them by archiving them onto your computer.

QUESTION:  If my old phone recorder does not work on my new digital phone lines at home, will I need to get a new call recorder that records on a digital format?

Answer: Our Phone Recorder works by connecting to your existing single line phone. If the phone company installs DSL, Cable phone service, or FiberOptic service by bringing it to your phone line inside your home but leaves the existing connectors (standard copper), then you should have no problem connecting our Phone Recorder to your phone jack. However, if you have a digital phone system such as a PBX phone in your home that has multiple lines going through a computerized processor (in your basement or garage where the phone line may enter your residence), then you may require a Digital Voice Logger.

If my phone recorder works like a voice activated recorder, will it stop working if I stop talking?

Answer: Most likely, a voice activated recorder will go into a standby mode if it does not detect any sound.

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