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PC Phone Recorders

PC Phone Recorders

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PC Phone Recorders are the best phone recorders for recording phone conversations on single line extensions. That means if you have 1 computer and 1 phone line, that phone line can interface with our PC Phone Recorders anywhere on that line, using our easy connection USB connector.

Now we have several variations of our PC Phone Recorders, so the primary feature this one is known for is the ability to record off of any phone extension. That's right. As long as you are using an analog phone line, you can make outgoing or take incoming calls from your kitchen or living room, for example. Because your PC Phone Recorder is connected to your PC desktop or laptop computer in your bedroom or any other room, the pc phone recording system will start and stop recording telephone calls when you answer or make calls.

People ask us: Will the PC Phone Recorder work on my phone lines?  How do I know if my phone line is analog?  The answers can be understood by reviewing the following Scenario Study.

Scenario Study

Let's say your house or apartment has modern DSL or Fiber Optic phone services, such as Verizon Fios or ComCast Fiber for phone lines, TV, and even Internet Services.

Chances are your telephone service provider connects to your phone line from the street, bringing the cabling right to your basement or garage. From there, a junction box is probably taking that service and joining your house or apartment's original copper phone line wiring.

If that is the case, you are most likely using a digital phone service on an analog phone line foundation. From that aspect, our PC Phone Recorders on this page will be able to record your incoming and outgoing calls because the framework (phone wiring architecture) is still operating on an analog phone line setup.

Our PC Phone Recorders use a low cost software solution for recording phone conversations through the use of a specialized interface connecting directly to the USB Port of your PC Desktop or Laptop.

Unlike a voice activated recorder, our PC Phone Recorders engage in recording telephone calls be they incoming or outgoing calls. PC phone recording is limited to operating on an analog home phone line so this will not work on your office phone (home office phone using an analog phone line only).

What if I have a digital phone used on my phone line? Will that effect my ability to use the PC Phone Recorder? Most phone lines that allow digital phone equipment will still convert the digital signals into analog ones once they connect with the phone line.

What is the typical way PC Phone Recorders connect?

You first unplug your phone line from one of your phones. Then you then connect the PC Phone Recorder into your phone where the line would normally connect. Attach the supplied phone cable from the PC Phone Recorder directly into the phone plug that you first unplugged. Finally, you join the USB cable into the front of the PC Phone Recorder and the other end to your USB Port on your computer. That's it.

Extension Recording

Our PC Phone Recorders let you record from any extension, permitted that you are using an analog phone line. Business users with digital phone lines would not be able to use this PC Phone Recording System for recording phone conversations.

Simple to use & Low Cost

PC Phone Recorders generally cost more, yet our PC Phone Recording System is simple and straightforward to use. It does not have many advanced & complicated features. This PC Phone Recorder is perfect for beginners and those new to recording telephone calls, as well as finding them on your PC computer after amassing many stored calls.

Instant Recording

PC Phone Recorders now record phone calls as soon as you pick up the phone handset. There is no delay in starting the recording feature so there is no loss of conversation.

Caller ID, Time, Date, and Search

Our PC Phone Recorders let you record phone calls and identify them afterwards by phone number, time, date, or even custom naming through the context storage id. This makes searching for older messages much easier than other PC Phone Recorders.

USB Recorder Connection

The interface of the Transcription Recorder connects a single line or multi-line phone through a USB input on your computer, letting you record phone calls and save them as compressed .WAV files. This means you can email those recorded phone calls as attachments. This also means you can store those files for future review by archiving them on your PC's hard drive.


You can play recorded phone calls through the included software player. You can pause, forward, or rewind conversations.

Emailing Recorded Phone Conversations

You can save the phone conversation to your PC desktop or any other location, and then email as an attachment the recorded conversation.

Additional Features

  • High quality digital sound that is clear
  • Installs quickly in approximately 5 minutes
  • Stores phone calls to your PC desktop or laptop's hard drive
  • Can store phone calls to your network drive, on a write-able CD or even an FTP Site
  • Offers unlimited phone recordings by saving phone calls directly to your hard drive
  • Records for as long or as short as your conversation is
  • Eliminates the need for cassette tapes
  • Does not require batteries or any power other than USB power it gets from your PC Computer
  • Comes with software to organize your recorded phone calls
  • Simple search function that lets you located recorded phone calls easily
  • Saves conversations as compressed .WAV files so you can hold on to them without taking up too much space in your computer
QUESTION: Are PC phone recorders able to start recording phone conversations the same way a voice activated recorder does?
Answer: While voice activated recorders start when they hear sound, PC phone recorders are line-activated. Because PC phone recorders work on single-line phones, they activate whenever you pick up the phone receiver. Or, if using a cordless phone, whenever you hit the “talk” or “on” button and they turn off or stop recording whenever you hang up or hit the “off” button on your single line phone.

QUESTION: Will my telephone voice recorder hinder the operation of PC phone recorders if both of the software is in the same computer?
Answer: PC phone recorders are designed to stand alone. Therefore, if you also have a telephone voice recorder, the best practice would be to use one or the other, not both at the same time.

QUESTION: How do I take notes when using PC phone  recorders?
Answer: Under the settings, there’s a feature that lets a window pop up. All you have to do is click on the open space in that window and start typing. Another window can also pop up with the caller ID if it is given in the phone call. PC phone recorders come with several features that offer great functionality, such as the ability to start recording when the phone rings or the ability to start recording when you answer a call.

QUESTION: What if I don’t want to show any indication that the PC phone recorder is active?
Answer: PC phone recorders are able to remain hidden from your system tray (the little group of icons at the lower corner of your PC computer that show which programs are active. In this way, if you don’t want someone to see that you have the PC phone recorder recording your calls, then it will not display the PC phone recorder icon.
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