PC Phone Recorder

PC Phone Recorder

PC Phone Recorder

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The PC Phone Recorder is a voice activated recorder used to record phone calls onto your PC computer. It can record phone conversations from phone used in offices, where you can unplug the handset from the base. (show image)

Recording phone conversations can be automated. You do not have to remember to start and stop your PC Phone Recorder. Your voice can be the activation trigger to start recording. However, you can also manually start and stop recording if you wish.

Bookmark for Searches
In addition to being a voice activated recorder, you can place digital notices inside your PC phone recordings. This is helpful when you want to return to an important part of a phone conversation without having to playback the full recording.

Footnote Comments
To enhance recording phone conversations, the PC Phone Recorder is able to place your comments at the beginning or end of a phone recording. This comes in handy when trying to interpret what was said, why it was said, etc.

Audio Mail
The PC Phone Recorder is capable of letting you record a message and emailing that recording to someone.

If you want to deliver a voicemail to someone instead of calling them on the phone and leave a message (if they have an answering machine or voicemail), you can now record your message and email it to them!

USB Acoustic Module
Our PC Phone Recorder interfaces with your PC computer by USB connection. No sound card is required, as a result of the USB Recorder containing an inboard acoustic module that operates like a sound card. The supplied hardware module comes with software that loads onto your PC desktop or laptop computer. Recording telephone calls can be saved directly on your computer or on a network server.

Phone Recording Format
The PC Phone Recorder saves your conversations in .WAV file format. Your phone calls, be they voice activated or not, are converted in a composition that can be saved and attached onto an email.

This file format can also be saved and transferred to a USB flash drive or CD Rom, and opened on any PC computer that can play an audio file.

PC Recorder Media Player
When recording or playing back phone conversations, you can use the included graphic user interface (GUI), to observe and interact with recordings. It operates like a media player, giving you the look and feel that is simple to operate. Included controls are Play, Record, Rewind, Forward, Pause, etc.

Voice Activated Microphone
The system comes with an external microphone for recording room conversations such as meetings, interviews, conferences, and speaking engagements.

Automatic file classifier
Should you want the files named after recording them, the PC Phone Recorder can automatically name recorded phone calls.


  • Plays recorded files over your phone handset so you and your calling party on the line can hear them
  • No batteries or AC adapters required, as power is derived from the PC Recorder's USB connection
QUESTION: Would a PC phone recorder require a sound card?
Answer: Because of an inboard acoustic module that is built into the PC phone recorder, there is no sound card required from your computer. So, even if your computer has a sound card but the connections or the interface is difficult to reach or access, the PC phone recorder will not require a sound card.

QUESTION: Can I convert my phone recorded conversations into analog storage?
Answer: If you have an analog tape recorder, you can record either through a line-in connection to your computers’ speakers or you can record through an external microphone on your tape recorder by keeping it close to your computer speakers during playback. 

QUESTION: Can I record phone calls if I have a slow computer?
Answer: Once you have properly loaded the software onto your PC desktop or laptop computer, the hardware module will integrate nicely with your computer and usually doesn’t matter at which speeds your computer operates. However, as long as you are running Microsoft Windows 98 SE Millennium 2000 or XP, it should be fine.

QUESTION: If my phone line is located in another room than my computer, can I still have my PC phone recorder record phone conversations?
Answer: The system is designed to work as a connected interface between your phone and your computer. So your computer should be right next to your phone hardware.

QUESTION: If I use a voice activated PC phone recorder but wish to manually start and stop recordings, can I deactivate the voice activation feature?
Answer: Yes. You can also use the PC phone recorder as a manual PC phone recording system that works when you tell it to and not when there is sound on the phone line.
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