Mac Phone Recorders

Mac Phone Recorders

Mac Phone Recorders

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Our Mac Phone Recorders are able to connect to single and multi line phones. They record both sides of your phone calls. Once the Mac Phone Recorder captures the call, it is automatically indexed with time and date information making it helpful to locate.

Need a digital recording system such as a room recorder to work with your Mac computer? Our Mac Phone Recorders also work as room recorders.

Benefits: Using Mac Phone Recorders, you can record your single line phone conversations at home. You can record your multi-line calls at work.

About Mac Users: With more people switching from PC to Mac computers, the need to accommodate those searching for a phone recorder that would work with an Apple Computer.

Dual Operating System
For those who are both Mac and Windows users, the Mac Phone Recorder is a phone recorder that can upload to both systems. Record your phone calls and then load your saved conversations into either your Mac or your Windows based PC.

Recording Capacity
Our Mac Phone Recorder is able to capture approximately 285 hours of recording time using SD Cards. It has internal memory but allows you (at any time) to remove recorded conversations and load into your Mac computer for long term storage.

Sound Quality
When you have high quality sound on your phone call, you want to keep that quality intact. Our Mac Phone Recorders capture and store that same voice quality for crisp and clear sound recordings. With our Mac Phone Recorders, we are able to retain your phone conversation so that there are no variances in acoustic sound capture. If your phone receiver picks up the sound clearly, our Mac Phone Recorder does too!
Software - Mac & PC compatible
The included software lets you play back audio recordings on your computer through your computer's media player (PC or Mac compatible). Recorded discussions are be saved to your computer by a USB connection that is compatible with PC Windows and Mac operating systems.  

File Searching
Need to look for important conversations on your Mac but not sure where to start? Should you search for recordings done last week? Last year? Find them fast with the Mac Phone Recorders file searching feature. A very helpful feature.

Emailing Conversations
Once you save a conversation onto your computer, you can move it into iTunes, email it as a file to other Mac or PC users, just like you would send any type of file to yourself or someone you wish to hear your recorded conversation. Formats include MP3, WMA, and WAV.

You can play your phone conversations and hear them from the recorder itself or using a media player on your Mac or PC computer.


Mac Phone Recorders
do more than just record phone calls:

  • FM Stereo tuner -optional, to hear and save radio broadcasts
  • Has helpful menu controlled settings
  • Has a Pause feature - offering a 5 minute pause without indexing a new file number to group conversations together (and not in a new file)
  • Speed Playback - lets you listen to recordings quickly without distorting the audio sound bytes so you can hear playback quicker without losing sound clarity
  • Built-in sound equalizer with bass and treble adjustment for custom clarity

Additional Recorder Specifications

  • Includes a built in microphone to operate as a Room Recorder
  • Comes with an external wired microphone for discreet, body worn recordings
  • Has Voice Activation to reduce pauses in conversations where no one is talking
  • USB 2.0 connection to for Mac and PC users
  • Line-In patch cord so you can connect to a radio (VHF / UHF communication device or music radio)
  • AC Adaptor as a continual power source
  • 2 AAA Batteries give you approximately 17 hours of operation time
  • Audio Recorder in cool black
  • Microphone Sensitivity Controller to increase and decrease recording sound levels
  • Voice Recordings made possible in SP, LP, and SLP modes (for extended recording times)
  • Cellular Recording Ear Microphone
  • File playback in MP3, WMA, and WAV formats
  • Built-in Clock including an Alarm
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

Included with Mac Phone Recorders:

  1. Single Line and Multi Line Phone Recording Adapter
  2. Tie Clip Microphone and Line in Cable Patch-cord
  3. Instruction Manual
  4. Stereo Earphones
  5. Stereo MicrophoneAs a Mac Phone Recorder user, you can also capture live stereo sound for room conversation recording. This Interview Microphone will give you Stereo sound quality, for journalists, office users, and law enforcement who require additional Sterophonic sound.
QUESTION:  Can I connect my iPhone to Mac Phone Recorders?
ANSWERThe Mac Phone Recorder can record iPhone conversations using the external microphone when the iPhone is on speakerphone. 

QUESTION:  What media player will work with Mac Phone Recorders? 
ANSWER: When using a Mac computer, most users load files into their iTunes account and then play with the media player their Mac uses. However, the VLC media player should be able to handle Mac operating systems. To download the free VLC media player, click here: 
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