Digital Voice Recorders

Digital Voice Recorders

Digital Voice Recorders

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Our digital voice recorders have an ultra high sound quality feature. With a 280 hour capacity for digital voice recordings, our digital voice recorder is also a multi-use recording system for phone and room conversation recording.

However, the fact that this recorder can save phone and room conversations is secondary to its variable Ultra High Sound Quality .

Voice Quality & Recording Time Details

Our digital voice recorders let you select a recording quality that relates to recording time. To understand how digital recorders "sacrifice" recording volume for sound quality, the following is a digital voice recorder review of specifications.

Our system, at the basic high quality level of recording, will give you almost 18 hours of recording at a high quality recording level. That recording level falls at 128 KBTS or kilobytes per second. However, most people want digital voice recorders because they can get nearly 284 hours of recording time.

But the quality does degrade. The quality can be seen at the format of 8 kilobytes, or 8 KBTS, so on one hand you have an 18 hour recording system and on the other hand you have a 284 hour recording system.

The difference? Well, the 18 hour recording system is going to be a very high quality sound, while with 284 hours of recording time, the user will experience more hissing and degraded sound quality on playback.

At the shorter recording time, it's considered as MP3 quality sound or half of what is known as CD quality. (MP3 quality is generally explained as a high quality format, at 128 KBPS, while CD quality is double that speed at around 256 KBPS).

  • The system comes with an integrated digital stereo recording capability with crystal clear sound.
  • The system has a stereo microphone with four sensitivity settings.
  • The system has a USB 2.0 interface that connects directly with your PC computer.
  • In order to let you choose how long you want to record for and quality level, the system comes with 6 different settings of recording quality applications.
  • The system can be manually activated or used as a voice activated digital voice recorder.
  • Our digital voice recorders are also able to record telephone conversations.
  • It works as an MP3 recorder as well as a MP3 player.
  • It also works as a USB storage unit, such as a flash drive, to store your files.
  • Digital voice recorders, such as our compact system, are now able to come in a package that offers you the ability to record voice conversations and play them back, as well as play back music in the form of MP3 files.
  • You don't need a cable to connect the USB connector because the recorder has the USB connector built into it.
  • Our digital voice recorders now come built as a flash drive-type configuration. This allows you to store any type of file, not just voice or music files.
  • Our system comes with several recording modes for voice, phone, as well as music recording qualities that give you clear recording capability.

  • You can select a stereo or mono recording format. This lets you decide what type of quality in relation to how long you wish to record for.
  • Our system has a power saving mode which lets you conserve battery power.
  • Our system is very thin and ergonomic so you can take it anywhere.

  • In case you're in an area that is too dark to see, out system has a LED back light so you can see the LCD screen in the dark.
  • In order to conserve battery and memory features, our system offers you a voice activated recording capability.
  • This voice activated digital voice recorder is very helpful when there are gaps in the conversations you wish to record because those silences, thanks to the voice activation feature, can now be reduced.
QUESTION: When testing out digital voice recorders before a conference, what do we do if we cannot get close to the speaker?
ANSWER: The conference microphone is able to connect to any of the digital voice recorders on our site. The conference microphone is an amplified microphone that connects to the recording input on our digital voice recorders.

QUESTION: What are the main factors to consider when purchasing only the best digital voice recorders for our office?
ANSWER: You need to decide if you require a digital voice recorder at each telephone handset or if you want to record directly from the telephone line itself in which case it would be wise to look towards our digital voice loggers.

QUESTION: How many digital voice recorders reviews should I read before deciding on a voice activated recording system?
ANSWER: Itís not easy to find an unbiased review but the most reliable way to evaluate digital voice recorders is to speak to someone who has one. Most people who write digital voice recorders reviews generally write them based on testing rather than ownership. So, if you read two or three reviews from two or three different sources, it is helpful to figure out which are the best digital voice recorders to choose from.

QUESTION: If I used an external microphone, would my interviews result in clear sound for my digital voice recorder transcriptions?
ANSWER: Sometimes an external microphone is not enough and the sound quality of your conversation may also rely on background noise. So the best conditions are generally suggested in quiet rooms with no additional background noise in order to get good quality transcriptions on your voice recorder.
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