Digital Voice Logger

Digital Voice Logger

Digital Voice Logger

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A Digital Voice Logger is used for call recording and call monitoring. Our Digital Voice Loggers enable phone recording of multiple phone lines simultaneously. Our phone voice logger technology captures and stores every word, every phone number dialed, and additional information ready for real time audio monitoring applications or stored for future review.
The Digital Voice Logger comes as a rack mounted phone voice logger in 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 32 Channel configurations.

Digital Voice Logger features include:
  • efficient phone recording and storage capabilities
  • enhanced phone recording search capability
  • live phone call monitoring
  • in real time
  • ability to record radio communications such as 2 way radios, aviation communications, or marine radios
  • uses a Graphic User Interface that works with PC or Unix computers
  • works on a local area network or LAN
  • works on a wide area network or WAN
  • works on a secure network or virtual private network VPN
Our digital voice logging recorders serve as:
  • 911 Emergency Response Centers use Voice Loggers
  • Call Centers & Phone Call Logging operations that require Voice Loggers
  • Public Safety use Voice Loggers, such as fire and rescue, police, ambulance, and emergency responders
  • Banks, Brokerage Firms, & other Financial Institutions use Voice Loggers

Digital Voice Loggers for phone call recording are intelligent line interfaces. They enable the user to automatically or selectively capture all phone activity and both sides of a conversation, archive, notate, retrieve, review, and also forward chosen information to others.

The function of a Voice Logger:
Voice Loggers work as voice recorders to record conversations and communications from telephones, radios, microphones, even if the communication is on a computer. Operating as a VOIP recorder, conversations from services such as skype and vonage and magic jack can be saved as a digital file and played back for review.
This voice recorder application is especially helpful to businesses that require phone recording of all computer voice communications. Most voice loggers store only phone conversations, but our Digital Voice Logger can store IP phone and VOIP conversations or communications on a special hard drive for management to review.
The reason for using a Voice Logger:
Organizations need to be accountable for what transpires during internal and external conversations and the best way is to record those conversations. This type of evidence collection protects those within the organization, and those outside of it, be it a police agency, public municipality, private or public business, or civil service.
Storing communications enables management to be able to recall information in the event that a discrepancy arises, offering a level of security for the employees as well as those within the organization's management.
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Our Desktop Voice Logger is classified as a full scale voice logging system, capable of phone recording and call recording all incoming and outgoing conversations for a business or organization. Voice Loggers of this type are used to record phone calls, integrated with both voice and data storage features, such as time, date, caller id, duration of call, and other detailed information that is used for archiving and retrieval of thousands upon thousands of calls.