Digital Phone Recorder

Digital Phone Recorder

Digital Phone Recorder

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The best Digital Phone Recorder for home office users now comes with an automatic trigger to activate when any phone picks up.  Many digital voice loggers work on single and multiline phones. However, for those of you who talk on a single line phone, this Digital Phone Recorder will start recording no matter which phone is being used.

For example, you answer an incoming phone call in your living room, but your digital telephone recorder is situated in your den where you run your home office. Because the digital recorder is connected on the same phone line, it does not matter which extension you answer or make calls from. This digital phone recording system will still record automatically on any extension of your single line phone layout.


  • USB connection to save recordings on your computer
  • Connects to most cellular phones;
  • Includes multiple playback speeds for those who want to skim through recorded conversations;
  • Comes with a stereo earphone for discreet review of audio recordings;
  • Multiline phone recording adapter for manual digital recorder activation;
  • Software;
  • An audio cable that serves as a patch cord for Line In connections of eternal audio;
  • Sensitive wired microphone with tie clip for affixing onto the interior or exterior clothing during room recordings;
  • AC adapter;
  • Hand carrying strap;
  • Manual.

Auto Call Capture: Able to start recording phone conversations when receiver is in use anywhere on a single line. The digital phone recorder automatically senses when the line is in use and stops recording when you disconnect your call  (user manual page 29).

Stealth Phone Recorder Operations: This phone recorder is able to operate without the LCD or the red light indicator. A simple control deactivates these indicators, so that if you are recording your meetings where the speaker wants all attention and no distractions, your stealth recorder will remain discrete and not show any signs that it is recording.

Digital Battery Sleep Mode: This phone recorder does not use its batteries until recording a phone call. With 20 hours of recording time on 2 AA batteries, this conversation method gives you a no battery drain when recording calls on a single line.

Back Step: If you had an important digital phone recording that you accidentally deleted, the digital phone recorder is able to recover it all.

Memory Size:  Able to store approximately 67 hours of phone conversations in digital memory.

Body Worn Use: Works as a digital room recorder to record room recording operation.

VOR: Voice activation for recording pauses during room recording operation.

Adjustable Sound Pickup: Sensitivity adjustment for increasing/decreasing the microphone sound pickup when recording room conversations.

Voice Logging Search: This telephone recorder logs all recordings with time and date settings. This enables fast access to the manage volumes of conversations stored in memory.

Multi-power Input: The system can operate on battery power or AC power. Therefore, phone recordings can be continual without interruption should your batteries run out.

QUESTION: Because recording phone conversations is vital to our quality control, how often should we upgrade our digital phone recorder?
Answer: A digital phone recorder should be upgraded once every four to six years, depending on the usage. Because of the affordable pricing of digital phone recorder equipment, It makes sense to replace one after the wear and tear over years of usage when recording thousands upon thousands of digital recordings. In that way, after four to six years of use, the digital phone recorder will always be able to offer you excellent quality sound recordings.

QUESTION: Among the internal controls our company is required to keep, recording telephone conversations is now mandatory. So what type of digital telephone recorder would you recommend?
Answer: Depending upon how many phone lines or phone handsets the digital telephone recorder is one of our more popular phone recorders used by individuals who need to record their phone calls. However, if the area for recording phone calls is somewhat large, a voice logger capable of recording dozens of phone lines and phone extensions may also be suggested.

QUESTION: When investigating the validity of a digital phone recording, can someone tamper with or edit a phone conversation after it takes place?
Answer: Some digital phone recorder equipment offers the ability to make notation and edit segments of recordings. However, there may be a good amount of processes to taper with or edit the phone conversation required if the user is not experienced in this manner, and, therefore, is not something that is easily done.

QUESTION: If I use a phone conversation recorder to record a phone conversation, do I have to announce that Iím recording my call?
Answer: According to federal law, as long as one person is aware that the phone conversation is being recorded and that person is a part of that conversation, then it is permissible. However, state by state interpretations of the federal law may vary and require more than one party, possibly all persons in the phone conversation, to be aware that the phone call is being recorded or monitored.
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