Digital Audio Recorders

Digital Audio Recorders

Digital Audio Recorders

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Digital Audio Recorders are now built into housings for discrete recording, like our Pen Recorder version of pro audio recorders. When in a meeting, this digital recorder is very handy to use as it can rest in your shirt pocket, jacket, or by your note book, ready to remember important discussions.

Why would we offer Digital Audio Recorders that look like a pen? Many people looking for pro audio recorders do not wish to hold a microphone up close to a speaker and consider our Pen Recorder as an alternative to rectangular shaped Digital Audio Recorders.
Discrete Design
Ergonomic cylindrical shape for a high tech audio recorder

Multi Sound Quality functions:
The Pen Recorder offers Standard Play, High Quality mode, and Super High Quality mode for excellent sound quality.

Playback Guard
The Pen Recorder does not have a speaker, so there can be no accidental playback of conversations, safeguarding your privacy. Our Digital Audio Recorders can playback using the supplied earphones, connection to external speakers (not included), or by your PC computer speakers after you upload your recordings via the USB Recorder  connection.

Timer Recording
Should you be in a meeting and wish to be prepared for audio voice recording, our Digital Audio Recorders can be programmed to start and stop recording by the time.

Playback Speed Control
You can manipulate your recordings to increase or decrease recorded voice conversations upon playback, getting to conversation parts quickly.
With its sleek design appeal to those who want a modern look in their arsenal of business tools. A Pen Recorder of this type is easy to use, with minimal controls that will not discourage those who tend to be shy with high tech gadgets.
ARS Automatic Recording System
This works similar to voice activation in that the 'gain' sensor will record when sound is present in order to reduce silent recording time and conserve memory

Equalizer Feature
Gives you the ability to change up to 5 settings for sound quality on playback
QUESTION: How long will these Digital Audio Recorders record for?
ANSWER: For amount of recording hours, this Pen Recorder will give you up to 282 hours under when set on the indicated recording quality. However, Digital Audio Recorders will give you different recording times based on their power supply. Using the AC adapter, you should be able to record continually for 282 hours. using 1 "AAA" battery, this Pen Recorder will have enough power to record approximately 8 hours of recording time.

QUESTION: How close should I be if I want to record my room conversation with someone?
ANSWER: Within 10 feet is ideal, but the recorder will be able to record under ideal conditions up to 25 feet away.

QUESTION: How does the Pen Recorder perform under background noise?
ANSWER: Even if there is a significant amount of background noise, as long as the person you are speaking to and want to hear the most is near the recorder, you should be able to get their side of the conversation recorded. However, the louder the background noise, the more of a chance it will be overheard by digital audio recorders in operation.

QUESTION: What are the most frequent questions people ask about Digital Audio Recorders?
ANSWER: When our clients purchase one, they generally bypass the instruction manual and attempt to figure out how to jump in and start recording. A quick glance at the manual generally explains the basic setup, as well as impressive functions and features that people might not be privy to had they not taken a few minutes to read.
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