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Cellular Recorders

Cellular Recorders

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When you need cellular recorders to monitor cell phone conversations, we have a user friendly, low cost solution. Instead of using a digital phone recorder, consider our cassette cellular recorders that work with ANY Cell Phone, iPhone, or Blackberry.

As an alternative to digital recorders, some people feel more comfortable with a cell phone recorder that starts and stops with a push button instead of a digital button. Using a voice recorder microphone built into the earphone, our recorders can record everything you hear.

All you have to do is connect the cellular phone recorder adapter to the cellular recorder, press record, and have your phone conversation.  Once you are finished, you press stop. In addition, our cellular recorders also come with a single line phone adapter to connect to your single line home phone to record all phone extensions on the line.

But most people like our cellular recorder because it is much simpler to use than a digital phone recorder.
  • Speaker with volume control for playback of recordings
  • Cellular Phone ear mic that lets our cellular recorders save phone calls from any cell phone model
  • Simple design for those in search of a less complicated way to record calls while remaining an effective means of storing conversations the old fashioned way, using analog cassettes
QUESTION: How long do cellular recorders record for?
Answer: Our cellular recorders can store up to 60 minutes of recording time on a microcassette. Unlike other cellular recorders that come as a digital phone recorder, our cellular recorder uses analog microcassettes to store conversations. These cassettes have 30 minutes on each side that you can use to record your conversation with so it totals 60 minutes of recording time.

QUESTION: What if I have an iPhone or a Blackberry or a PDA phone; how will I be able to connect this cellular recorder if the phones I want to use are always coming in new and different styles?
Answer: Because of our cellular phone recorder adapter, it doesn’t matter what style your phone is. We’re still able to connect our cellular recorders to your modern cell phone through the microphone that is built into the earphone that you would listen to your call through.

QUESTION: Once I fill up the microcassette with my conversation, how readily available are additional microcassettes for cellular recorders?
Answer: Cellular recorders are the former technology of current digital form recorder equipment so we supply our cellular recorders with four (4) microcassettes. Should u need additional cassettes to record you conversations, you can order them through our site in bulk packaging of ten (10) cassettes.
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