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The Audio Recorder can record your conversations while in your pocket, on your desk, or in your hand. Do you ever find yourself listening to someone and thinking: If I only had an audio recorder to remember what was said! If I had an audio recording of this conversation, I could then prove that it actually took place!

Using this Audio Recorder lets you save important conversations, while you are walking, at meetings, even on the phone, as this Audio Recorder can connect to a modular telephone handset and record your phone calls.

What kind of sound quality?

This is our best digital voice logger, so you can expect sound recording that is better than a CD recording sound. Background noise an issue? Of course, the quieter the background noise, the better the recording, yet we have found that even if there is some background noise, when conducting interviews, our clients have told us that this Audio Recorder seems to be the best one for the job without sticking a microphone in the speakers face!

This included software lets you play back audio recordings on your computer through your computer's media player (PC or Mac compatible).
Stealth Mode
This mode deactivates the LCD Screen, as well as the RED recording light, for discrete audio recorder sound recordings.

Phone Recording Feature
The Audio Recorder also works as a digital phone recorder to gather hundreds of phone calls automatically or manually. Connects to office phones and home phones that have a modular handset.

Extra Memory Capable
When an Audio Recorder runs out of recording space, it helps if you have the option to engage additional recording memory. With the Audio Recorder, you do, thanks to a micro SD card capability that comes standard with our Audio Recorder. Alone, the system has 1GB of internal recording memory space. With a micro SD card, you can store up to 16GB or approximately 2470 hours of "collected" audio recording time. This happens to be over 8 times more recording volume than other audio recorders.

High Quality Sound
Our Audio Recorder utilizes a high quality digital Linear PCM (a form of Pulse Code Modulated sound into a digitized medium) . . . in other words, once the sound is re-modulated, it is better than what you hear when you listen to CD quality playback. This is helpful when there is background noise that you are trying to hear over.

Neutralize Button
This precautionary Hold Button locks the system in order to prevent accidental depressing of the play button. All you have to do is start recording, then engage this feature, and even if you bump into the recorder and hit the play button, it will not play until you release the Hold Button.
Time Stamp
The Time and Date Stamp feature helps you keep track of your recordings. Every audio voice recording has its own time and date identifier.

File Search
When searching for audio recorded evidence in room and phone records, the Audio Recorder offers an automatic file and folder advance search feature, saving time and making query lookups easier. This is especially helpful when you have a phone recorder that saved a conversation you wish to locate.

Operation Time
This Audio Recorder can operate approximately 17 to 18 hours continuously when using the required "AAA" batteries (included with purchase)

Recording Storage Space
Using the maximum recording memory with an optional Micro SD Card, you can store about 2470 hours of recorded audio conversations (phone or room conversations). The optional 16GB Micro SC Card lets you store approximately 146 hours for each GB of memory. Note that this includes the built in 1GB of internal audio recording memory.

In Addition
The Audio Recorder also:

  • Has an FM Stereo tuner so you can listen and record radio stations
  • Download and listen to MP3 music from your computer
  • Radio Line In feature, letting you plug a radio receiver into an input jack to record your 1 or 2 way radio communications (using the supplied patch cord jumper cable)

  • Upgradable Firmware feature using the supplied USB connection so that future features can be added to the system when they are available
  • Email Capable
  • Once your conversations are saved, you can attach them and email them as files to yourself or anyone you wish to hear your audio recordings. Formats for file saving range from MP3, WMA, and WAV formats.
  • Playback: You can play recorded phone calls using the included software player or through Windows Media Player.
  • Included Interview Stereo Microphone:  If you are looking to capture live stereo sound, our Interview Microphone will give you Stereo sound quality, for journalists, office users, and law enforcement who require additional Stereophonic sound.

Additional Details your Audio Recorder includes

    *     Built in Microphone
    *     External Microphone that can be used to clip onto your clothing for discreet recording
    *     Voice-Activation to reduce gaps in recording of conversations when it is quiet
    *     USB 2.0 connection to your computer
    *     Line-In feature enables encoding incoming audio signals
    *     AC Adaptor for non-stop audio recording capability
    *     2 AAA Batteries give you approximately 17 hours of operation time
    *     Audio Recorder in a sleek black color
    *     Microphone Sensitivity Controller for increasing and decreasing the recording sound level
    *     Recording Modes from SP, LP, and SLP for Standard to Extended recording times
    *     Cellular Recording Adaptor
    *     File playback in MP3, WMA, and WAV formats
    *     Built-in Clock including an Alarm
    *     Compatible with Windows, Vista, and MAC

Included with your Audio Recorder are:

    *     AC Adaptor
    *     Universal Cellular Phone Adaptor
    *     Standard Telephone Recording Adaptor for modular phones & phone lines
    *     USB 2.0 Cable
    *     Tie Clip Microphone
    *     2 "AAA" Alkaline Batteries
    *     Line in Cable Patchcord
    *     Instruction Manual
    *     Stereo Earphones
    *     Neck - hand Strap
QUESTION: How can I reduce background noise from being captured by my audio recorder?
ANSWER: To reduce background noise, bring your audio recorder closer to the speaker. If that doesn’t help, use the wired microphone and bring it closer to the speaker. You may also want to try recording the speaker in a secluded room that doesn’t have unnecessary background noise.

QUESTION: Should I push the play button on my audio recorder by mistake during an audio recording, how can I quickly silence it without attracting attention fumbling for the stop button?
ANSWER: The audio recorder on our site has a neutralize button which locks the system in order to prevent buttons from being pushed accidentally. All you have to do is start recording and then engage this feature. It won’t play until you unlock this neutralize button.

QUESTION: Why would I want an audio recorder for phone recording when I can use a digital voice logger?
ANSWER: Digital voice loggers are generally installed in a business or facility, while an audio recorder is portable and can go from office to residence in your pocket easily and effortlessly and can connect with simplicity. I was told these types of audio recorders might not work on a hotel system.

QUESTION: Is there a way to connect a digital phone recorder to a hotel phone?
ANSWER: Through the use of our universal cellular phone adapter, your audio recorder can work on any phone that you put the phone receiver to your ear, thanks to the development of an earphone with a built-in microphone.
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