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Voice Recorders have replaced traditional audio recorders, and with our new Flash Drive Recorder, voice recorders will never be the same (works on Mac and PC). A Flashdrive now equipped with a battery and microphone become a very important tool to use for storing conversations, and that is why our Flashdrive Recorder is getting such good reviews.

About its appearance: Many people have told us they like having a discrete recorder built into this type of unique housing. People that are shy about how they sound when they are recorded will not be concerned any more, as this recorder does not look intimidating in the case where someone would place a microphone up close to someone talking. This type of Voice Recorders are more for those who wish to record discretely.
Strengths: Using voice recorders built into a Flashdrive configuration make it very simple to record, with the push of one button only. This system only has one button on it.
Strengths:  Portability and size is unlike other voice recorders, as this Flashdrive Recorder is smaller than your average car key and fits in any shirt or pants pocket.
Strengths: Not only does this record conversations, but it also takes notes as a digital voice recorder for keeping important details that you can backup onto your computer (PC or Mac)
Strengths: Recordings can be emailed as .WAV files, making it easy to send to yourself or others.
Note:  There is no speaker on this device, as it uses your computer speakers to play back audio recorder files. It is just a USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder.
Note:  This particular style of Voice Recorders require recharging after approximately 4 hours of recording time, so if you go to a lecture that is longer than 4 hours, you might have to recharge it.
Audio Note Taking
While being used for conversation recording purposes, these Voice Recorders were also meant for Personal Notation. They are truly excellent at note taking for professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, moms, and dads, who want to remember thoughts and ideas.
Powering the Device:
Charging and using the digital audio recorder is simple. This USB Voice Recorder contains a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. To recharge, you simply plug into the USB port of a PC, Mac, or other USB power outlet. If your recorder runs out of power while you are in the middle of, it saves that voice recording before it powers down.
Voice Recorders Operation:
Can our Voice Recorders record conversations while plugged into a computer? Not this one for USB Voice Recorders on this page immediately start to charge when connected to a computer. Once connected, it is ready to download its files, such as any recent voice recordings.
PC Flashdrive Recorder connection:
To access your recordings, you plug the device into your computer's USB port. Your PC will assign a drive letter shown under the "My Computer" icon on your PC desktop. I till show as Removable or Mass Storage device. You can now use it in the same way to a removable Flash Drive, it being a Flashdrive Recorder and a Flashdrive.
Mac Flashdrive Recorder connection: 
Once connected to a Mac, it will show up as a removable hard drive on the desktop.
Memory Storage
Voice Recorders like our Flash Drive Recorder are also able to work as a flash drive, in that you can move files onto its internal memory and transport them to other computers. However, it is advisable to follow proper disconnection procedures when you wish to remove these Voice Recorders from your computer. That procedure involves using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray on a PC, or the Eject function on a Mac.
QUESTION: Are there any voice recorders recommended for interview recordings that have a variable speed feature for playback listening?
ANSWER: Our digital recorders have an ultra high sound quality feature that is very efficient in terms of the relationship between speed and quality. Therefore, our digital voice recorders come well recommended. Remember, there are many recorders out there. We only offer a select few.

QUESTION: After reading reviews of the best advice recorders, I wondered why voice activated recorders were most recommended for phone conversation recordings?
ANSWER: Voice activated recorders are more popular for phone recordings because these types of voice recorders are able to illuminate the silent pause when people donít speak during a phone conversation.

QUESTION: Why donít all telephone voice recorders activate using voice activation?
ANSWER: Some people like to have control over their recorders by manually activate and deactivate the recording feature. Those users do not wish to let their recordings start and stop when there is sound; they want the full sequence, from beginning to end, of a phone call.

QUESTION: Is it advisable to connect several phone voice recorders to every phone extension in a home?
ANSWER: While it is possible to connect to all extensions on a single line phone system, some of our voice recorders are able to record when an extension in picked up and someone talks. This involves line activation and voice activation on the phone line when dealing with single line phone systems in a house or apartment.

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