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Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

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Our digital Voice Recorder built into the USB Flashdrive Recorder can now store 160 hours of room conversations. This mini recorder is smaller than any digital voice recorder you've ever seen.

How does it work?
If you ever used a digital recorder, you may have noticed an array of buttons, connectors, accessories, etc.  This flashdrive recorder has only one button. It also has only one connector.  You simply use the button to stop and start recording your room conversation. Once completed, the flash drive recorder connects to your PC or Mac computer using its USB connector. 

Playback of recordings is done on your computer, through your speakers, or a connected headset.

The Digital Voice Recorder is the simplest recorder ever. One button activates and deactivates the digital voice recording ability.

Digital Usage
In addition to being the smallest digital voice recorder, the Flashdrive Recorder is also an 8 GB USB flash drive. It lets you store files as well as digital voice recordings.

One thing people appreciate is that this digital voice recorder works on a PC and a Mac. Through windows media player or video lanís popular VLC player that works on PC and Mac platforms, the digital voice recorder has no compatibility issues.

Discrete Recorder
The digital voice recorder does not make any noises to indicate itís working. There is no speaker to play back voice recordings. There is an LED that gives a blinking light indication that recording has started and stopped, so the operator knows when it is active.

When you buy a recorder, it is nice to have a built-in battery that recharges when connecting to your computer!  On a full charge, the digital flashdrive recorder can record for approximately 4 hours.

Voice Recorder Memory
With this 8GB memory capability, you can expect about 20 hours of recording time for each GB. Multiply by 8GB and you have 160 hours of digital voice recording time from the Flashdrive Recorder.

QUESTION: In terms of memory capacity, what is the best digital voice recorder with the most storage for recording conversations?
ANSWER: While there are many digital voice recorder systems available, the flash drive recorder happens to be an excellent voice recorder with itsí 8GB of memory, it is able to record and store up to 160 hours of conversation. Is there a digital voice recorder memory indicator that tells me how much memory I have used up in recording conversations. The flash drive recorder is a very simple digital recorder with no cumbersome buttons or controls because it only has an on/off switch, this digital voice recorder does not give you an indications as to how much time is left.

QUESTION: How would I use a digital voice recorder review feature to locate a recorded interview if I donít remember when I recorded it?
ANSWER: Many digital voice recorder applications allow for the user to make notations in their recordings once they are uploaded onto a computer.

QUESTION: With a digital voice recording, would I need to compress recorded files in order to email conversations?
ANSWER: A flash drive recorder and other digital voice recorder systems from our site automatically compress files so they are able to be sent and transferred via email.

QUESTION: If our digital voice recorder is set to record an outdoor speech, would I need to deactivate the voice activation recording feature?
ANSWER: Some digital voice recorders give the user the option to set, according to time, when the system will start recording, and one must be aware of which other settings are indicated, such as voice activation and time recording are usually not connected in any way and are just additional features of our digital voice recorder.

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