Voice Recorders

Choosing a Voice Recorder that is right for you

Voice Recorders with voice activation are important for meetings. While some audio recorders such as our FlashDrive Recorder and USB Voice Recorder come with only one or two buttons, other Digital Voice Recorders are equipped with many features that let you control how you want to record your conversations, an added benefit to those who want increased sound recording qualities, time set recording applications, and other special features.

We offer Flash Drive Recorders, that perform a voice recording function with limited buttons, making it the simplest to use.

A FlashDrive Recorder, unlike other voice recorders, combine a microphone, battery, and digital memory of a USB Flash Drive so you can record important meetings.

Flash Drive Recorders

For more information on our 40 Hour  USB FlashDrive Recorder, Click Here.

For more information on our 160 Hour Flashdrive Voice Recorders, Click Here.

Digital Voice Recorders

Never become frustrated with the sound quality from Voice Recorders. Our Digital Voice Recorders boast a high quality sound control so you can hear clear conversation recordings as though you were having them again!. Click Here for more information.