Voice Logging Case Study

Case Study 2
Client & Location: A telephone company in Central America
Composition Objective:  To monitor employees suspected of reselling international telecom services to local users while fraudulently billing local individuals and companies for those services.  Fraudulent activity becomes a matter of theft when the services are terminated and payment has been executed after telecom invoicing has been generated without the local individuals and companies being aware that they have been invoiced for the services while the transaction remains untraceable.
Problem / Obstacle:  The telecom security of the phone company has been unable to link paper trails or collect evidence on the subjects under investigation, causing financial damage to those that get billed for fraudulent activity and to the phone company.
Voice Logging Solution:  A Digital Voice Logger equipped with Simultaneous monitoring capabilities.
Benefit:  Once a Voice Logging system was suggested, internal security embraced the simultaneous had the need to simultaneously record a live call, and play back an archived call at the same time in order to cross reference the illicit activities being conducted and collect evidence.  The suspected employees were held responsible for their actions, fined, and terminated.