Voice Logger Case Study

Case Study 1
Client & Location
: The Chief of Security for a national Brokerage House and Money Management Firm in the United States with 22 locations.
Composition Objective:  To monitor phone calls of local managers and brokers responsible for entire financial portfolios of individuals and other entities.
Problem / Obstacle:  Several problems existed leading to the search for a solution.
They are:
I)    Complaints by clients that were sent to the regional headquarters voicing concerns that their transactions were not placed in a timely manner, costing them substantial losses.
II)   Increase in complaints / notices from the legal department questioning trading practices by the local offices.
III)  It had been discovered that multiple local managers were canceling and rescheduling appointments with internal auditors with excuses that their computers with records crashed, the records rooms were being painted, access to records were going through security upgrades, and other legitimate excuses.  The build up of continual excuses prohibiting the auditing of records was the final indication that a problem within all of the branches of the organization existed.
Solution:  Deploy a Digital Voice Logger that would record phone calls as well as monitor phone calls of each manager, broker, and employee. This voice logger was instrumental in tracking and identifying illicit activities.
Benefit:  The Security Chief was able to collect voice communication evidence to incriminate brokers and managers leading to their termination and an organizational restructure before the Federal Government became involved, saving the company from being closed and the management from going to prison.