Legal Notice

Q: Are there any laws concerning the use of phone recorders, audio recorders, and pc phone recorders, and any other type of digital audio recorders when recording phone calls and room conversations?
A: There are Federal Laws and State Laws that should be followed. Every state may follow their own guidelines or interpretations, therefore, before you decide to record a conversation, we recommend you ask a lawyer familiar with Federal and State laws for recording, and ask if the following legal statemens applies to the area you plan on using phone and audio recording systems in:

Recording Phone Calls and Conversations 
If you need to record phone calls or room conversations using any cassette or digital recorder, or any type of sound capture device, note there are federal and state laws specifically focusing on wiretapping and eavesdropping to safeguard voice privacy and other applications that could restrict your recording activities. Laws from US Code of this type may expose you to possible criminal prosecution, as well as make you liable to pay fines, and possible claims in legal suite by possible injured parties.

From a legal view, the primary concerns usually rest on consent, in that if you receive consent from the party(s) being recordered, or if you state your intention to record those engaged in oral and / or verbal conversations, it would make logical sense that you are conforming to the Federal Once Party Consent Law, however, not every state follows the Federal law and might require you to perform two party or all party consent so as to be compliant to the privcy rights of all participating and avoid unauthorized wiretapping, yet, the best way to understand this is to check with your local counsel first.

There are many laws that may apply, be they from Federal US Code or State Law, for phone or room conversation recording purposes. Case example: if you call someone in a different state, the Federal Law applies, but from a local legal standpoint, you would best be advised to find out if the state you are calling requires a 2nd or multiple party consent for recording before you actually record a conversation.

To be safe, just tell the party you are speaking with that their call is being recorded.

The actual US Code to ask your Lawyer / Attorney about on Federal Law is: U.S.C. 2511(2)(d), as this One Party Consent regulation is used by many states and districts in the United States (but not all).