Digital Voice Logger Case Study

Case Study 3
Client & Location
:  A crime unit that investigates criminal larceny & extortion in Central America.
Composition Objective:  To monitor incoming & outgoing phone communications and gather evidence against a suspected criminal.
Problem / Obstacle:  The subject under investigation was using multiple lines to communicate with, posing the problem of tracking communications on a wide scale that requires multiple phone line logging or multi-channel monitoring.
Voice Logging Solution:  A Digital Voice Logger equipped with CAD or Channel Activity Detection.
Benefit:  The crime unit was able to store all conversations based on the identification features before and during phone line communication.  Features stemming from the triggering of the Digital Voice Logger include ring detection, off hook detection, voice operation using VOX, contact closure, and other special signaling, enabled the crime unit to gather the evidence they needed.  Subsequently, the crime unit expanded its operations and to date have ordered additional Digital Voice Logger systems for 6 of their live investigations, 5 of which are in use, and 1 used for field training.