Computer Phone Recorder

USB Phone Recorders, PC Phone Recorders & Other Computer Recorder Applications

We offer several types of computer phone recorders that let you easily connect your phone to your PC computer in order to save your conversations, listen to recordings, email those conversations, and other amazing features.

  • USB Phone Recorder
  • PC Phone Recorder
  • Transcription Recorder

USB Phone Recorder

The USB Phone Recorder is our basic Computer Phone Recorder used by those with digital phones such as PBX systems in offices. The USB Phone Recorder connects to your PC Desktop or Laptop and is manually controlled to start and stop recording by the user.

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PC Phone Recorder

The PC Phone Recorder is our advanced, voice activated phone to computer recording system. Performing like the USB Phone Recorder, the PC Phone Recorder can start and stop when you speak on the phone. It lets you adjust the voice sensitivity by simply and easily calibrating the voice activation settings.

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Transcription Recorder

The Transcription Recorder is our USB Phone Recorder with a Transcription Foot Pedal for easy conversation transcribing. It records your calls, then lets you play them back and control their forward, reverse, pause, and playback using the foot pedal.

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