Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Frequently Asked Questions
:  What type of security do Digital Voice Loggers offer?
A:  Rather than placing one or more Digital Voice Loggers on or by a desk-top server, the system can also be installed in a phone room to keep valuable and proprietary records safe and tamper-proof.  When the physical connection to a phone system becomes inaccessible to others, the user can choose the recording parameters in order to record and store all communications, or select only specific conversations.
Q:  What type of quality control benefits do Digital Voice Loggers provide?
A:  Digital Voice Recording Systems offer enhanced voice and data management.  This allows for timely assessment and reactions to events and situations in the real world of challenges and changing markets.  Conversation Storage enables managers and other users to be able to document and collect evidence for protection measures.  Knowledge can be retained to protect businesses against info-theft as well as unstable trends that can affect sales and services in the business world.  Communications can also be logged as a pro-active measure for security as well as safeguard organizations and people against lawsuits.
Q:  How can Digital Voice Loggers enable management users to examine or evaluate call records if management is in another office or location?
A:  Stored Communications can be saved as a .WAV file format, enabling users to be able to forward conversations to management through an internet connection.