Technology overview: Recording Conversations

Our Digital Voice Logger Systems, with real-time monitoring, provide users with the ability to integrate a real-time monitoring system with an intelligent line interface. This helps achieve the same high level of reliability, scalability, and effectiveness required for phone recording management solutions by businesses and government agencies.

The same user of our Voice Logger may also be the type of user that would employ a Voice Recorder for business meetings. Of course, the difference between using a Digital Voice Recorder and a Digital Voice Logger is scale. The technology of using a recorder is limited to the actual user, while the interaction between the manager and those voice recordings on phones would generally range from 2 - 4 phone terminals to hundreds. Our Digital Voice Logger series provide clients with the most cost effective technology for reliable digital voice logging solutions on the market today. The Voice Logger series fortify clients with the best of both worlds: it allows them to monitor all telecommunications while simultaneously capturing and storing all conversations.

This is made possible by manually connecting the system to the communication lines. Specifically, our Voice Logger Technology works as follows:

  1. The Voice Logger hardware is connected to the incoming communication lines at a building or facility
  2. The client establishes a network connection to the Voice Logger using Digital Voice logging software that can load onto a Network Computer
  3. A manager or administrator can then set up security admittance and enable authorized users access

The communication lines can be composed of standard analog telephone lines, digital lines of a PBX (also known as extensions) of most manufacturers, microphone lines, ISDN lines, and even E1/T1 lines.

Digital Voice Logger Technology delivers reliable, real-time monitoring with powerful storage and retrieval benefits.  These solutions satisfy all industry voice communication management needs while at the same time produce the same level of reliability depended upon by clients.