Remote Control

How does a manager effectively replay stored phone calls or listen to live conversations while in another location? How does an administrator restrict some voice logging data to some users, while grant unrestricted access to others? The Remote Control features of the Voice Logger can be used to operate voice logging functions such as playing recorded calls, monitoring calls in progress, searching through archived calls, and other security related phone logging utilities.

On a seperate note, we offer our Transcription Recorder that is manually used by each user. This is one of our USB Phone Recorders that also work as a room recorder with its supplied Microphone. For more on the Transcription Recorder, click here.

The Voice Logger lets the operator remotely access control through network connection via LAN, WAN, or VPN. For security access, voice logging functions come with several levels for users and administrators. An administrator can give full or partial voice logging privileges to users. Some users can search through archives; others can conduct real time monitoring.

Reconfiguring the system can be restricted to the master administrator. Permissions can be given to entrusted users to go beyond search and review features, to modify the settings found in all Voice Loggers or only a limited range of Voice Loggers (depending upon their level of administrative authority) for optimum remote control functionality.

For users not entrusted to full access, the administrator can give partial access so that only assigned voice logging channels can be reviewed. In that way, secure sections may remain available to authorized users only.

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