On Demand

Do I have to record all calls, or can I select which calls I want to record? Using the voice logging On Demand feature lets the user (or administrator) have more manual control of the voice loggers resources. Instead of relying on automated settings inherent in the voice logger’s configuration, you can now start and stop phone recording at will. Users can now connect through a client application (MS Windows compatible) enabling live control over voice logging record, playback, and monitoring functions.

The voice logging On Demand works through the network connections in place (such as a LAN, WAN, or VPN). The feature allows users to start and stop recording phone calls on their line, add or modify notes to the phone calls with keywords or phrases that help in the search for specific details about the phone call they are recording. Note that some companies also use Phone Recorders in addition to Voice Logging Systems. Phone Recorders are more geared to connect directly to the phone instrument but limited to one phone for each Phone Recorder.

In event the user does not have PC access but wants to search or playback recorded phone calls from the Digital Voice Logger, connecting and operating the functions can be done by preset DTMF codes  (should they be available) via phone keypad. Our Digital Voice Loggers use compatible software applications with DTMF code functionality, giving an On Demand function like no other voice logger.

If you deploy single or multiple voice loggers, your administrator can limit the degree of change one is allowed to make for On Demand voice logging. The administrator can set the level of involvement each user is allowed to have, because some companies do not want their employees to be able to do more than just record calls. Playback might be restricted. Deletion might be restricted. It all depends on what your company wishes to authorize.

Voice Logging On Demand Features

  • Can be controlled manually via TCP/IP Network or DTMF tone codes (should they be available) to manage voice logging of individually approved phone lines
  • Able to include notation in voice recordings for expanded search results

  • Active control in real time
  • Voice Logging On Demand software is compatible with Windows™ 2K, ME, XP, Vista32, Vista64