Digital Voice Logger Technology is beneficial to many industries.  The powerful functions take the user beyond ordinary recording technology.  Because there are so many benefits, Voice Logging Applications become vital to the management and support of many organizations in many ways.

Applications & Frameworks

Digital Voice Logger technology involve the recording and monitoring of:

  • Phone calls, sales calls, and transactions within the financial marketplace of Asset & Securities Exchanges.
  • Service calls, verbal wire transfer instructions, personal and business banking calls, and financial transactions with Banks and Credit Unions.
  • Customer Service calls, sales calls, support conversations, for Insurance and Investment Companies.
  • Public and Private phone calls for services and charities.
  • Emergency Communications of civil services such as Police, Fire, and Rescue Groups.
  • Medical and care related phone calls for hospitals, clinics, and doctors.
  • Legal and financial correspondence for attorneys and accountants (including time spent on the phone for billing purposes).
  • All phone communications for Small & Large Business telecommunications control.

For smaller applications, such as home and home office call recording, take a look at our Phone Recorders.

For those who use need to record home or home / office calls on cordless phones, our Digital Phone Recorder is recommended.

Different Voice Loggers have different features. Some of the primary features may include the following:

  • Security Kernel (establishes levels of security control so that only Authorized Users may gain access to live and recorded communications)
  • Live Call Monitoring (for supervisory purposes as well as management support factors, Digital Voice Logging Systems enable all communications to be recorded and monitored simultaneously via LAN)
  • Live & Archived Call Review (simultaneously record a live communication and play back a stored communication)
  • Remote Access (monitor live and retrieve stored communications from your office via LAN)
  • Caller Identification (displays and logs phone numbers from external incoming calls, as well as internal incoming calls from a PBX system)
  • Relational Database (with search, query, and sort abilities enabling the user to be able to find and locate records, and organize and add communications through a set of tables where data can be accessed or reassembled in many ways)
  • Channel Activity Detection (the ability to ensure recording commences once the diagnostic of the following has been notified: a) ring detection b) off hook detection c) voice operation or VOX d) contact closure)
  • Live Link Analysis or Call Progress Indication (through the system to show in real time the state of the phone line, indicate which lines are connected or disconnected, in use or not in use)
  • Channel Setup (the ability to rename channels or extensions in real time without interrupting monitoring or recording activities system)
  • VCR style controls (Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, & Pause giving the user an easy way to review stored communications)